Ole Hilby

Chief Executive Officer

Ole Hilby has a most successful background as Industrial Founder & CEO of leading Companies in Denmark and Africa.

For years Ole have experienced Africa’s complex culture and absurd poverty in a continent with abundance of fertile land. Ole is convinced, that Africa is able to cultivate itself out of poverty to prosperity and welfare in Commercial Farming, Food Production and Bioenergy.

Africa’s bad luck is a complex culture impossible to develop without proper knowledge of management, modern human resource and skilled service and maintenance.

The viable solution for Africa is, when entrepreneurs from the developed world start Advanced Largescale Agriculture, Food Processing and Bioenergy at the same time assisting the peasants in producing quality products marketed and sold DIRECT to global supermarket chains and retailers.

Agrow Bio let a significant part of its net-profit develop the local community into prosperity and welfare and as catalyst help peasants with knowhow, grants and facilities to develop quality organic products and private business.

Agrow Bio Ltd

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