Our Mission

We exist to advise landowner’s not to sell their land, but lease it for valuable company shares and collateral in highly profitable, Advanced Intensive Agricultural, Foodprocessing & Bioenergy Industries. We cultivate the land in production of High Quality Food Products, while utilizing the huge Biomaterial leftovers for 2nd Generation Bioenergy Production.

Our application of Efficient Modern Farming methods with Irrigation and multiple harvests per year, turn agricultural land into fertile land with high yields and top price on the market. Processing, Packaging in Consumer Packs and Sales Directly to the Retail Market and Export Markets results in High Turnover to the Land investor/Shareholders.

When you lease your land with us, you benefit by getting valuable shares in the company. Your remain the owner of your Land.


Our Vision

Agrow-Bio Ltd. is committed to secure Economic Development for its Shareholders, build State of the art Grain Milling & 2nd Gen. Bioenergy Plant, expanding local food production and turn the Agricultural Waste Production into Valuable Bioenergies, Biofuels, Electricity, Organic Fertilizers, Animal Food, Bio Pellets and many other Bioenergies.

Our projects will create a large number of jobs in the local area. We are committed in educating the Shareholders and Employees, securing Continuing Development in the local Area. The goal is to facilitate construction of a 2nd Generation Bioenergy Plant in the area based on a membership base of 100,000 hectares. Until the plant is constructed, which can start from 25,000 ha shareholders, the focus will be on optimizing agricultural production.

Agrow-Bio Ltd

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